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Audio installation that repeats a 13-minute recording of the Nesenbach River, at points where the river flows underground
for its 13 kilometers.

Foto 1  ©Nadine Bracht

Realization in the context of the art festival 
Stuttgart, Germany 
09 - 19 September 2021


More about Nesenbach Beneath the roots of Stuttgart there is a stream. One that runs completely through the restless city, unnoticed by rigid channels that try to control its waters. Straight lines that stand out from its flowing character. An absence that is present with some clues such as sewers, man-made water and few memories. The Nesenbach is nature in liquid form, source of life, under the greatest human density of all, the city. The intention of this project is to find the path of the Nesenbach and to appreciate its existence. Following its almost 13 kilometers long course, one discovers the most diverse traces of its presence. Through poems and street names in the Honigwiesen Vahingen to sewers in Kaltental that reveal its sounds before it drowns itself underground in the drainage to finally disappear in its dreary mouth in the Neckar river. In the heart of the city, his heartbeat resounds so that his submerged existence rises through the air and reminds us citizens of his presence.

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