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La Casa de Dios
Photo printed on cardboard,
 street found objects
scale of 1:1

Foto 5,6 ©Miji Lee 

Foto 5-8 Exhibition view.

Wieg Wasser brenn fall Wasser. 

Lange Nacht der Museen.


Stuttgart, Germany.

More about La Casa de Dios  The House of God  is the name of a street vendor's stall found through Google Maps in a street in Colombia, to which the project owes its name. The series, which is constantly evolving, focuses on collecting and classifying the parasol, which is considered an unanimous main element in different places around the world.   From this simple framing from screenshots of Google Street View, the project evolves into a next phase: the subtraction. This consists of removing the background and moving the stall from the street into the exhibition space. The parasols, together with the objects that make up the workplace, are printed on cardboard at a scale of 1:1 and arranged in the exhibition space. The photograph is conceived here as a sculpture that functions as an immersive installation on its way from the screenshot to the exhibition space: At first, visitors discover what appear to be three-dimensional objects, but as they move through the space, they realize that they are photographs on flat supports. For example, in the series Medellín, Colombia, the flat surface on the back is supported by a structure of elements found and recycled on the street, assembled in a banal way and telling of a fragile and hidden, ephemeral and unstable reality. The back of the photos reflects the reality of those who earn their living as vendors on the streets of Medellín.

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