Instructions to find an Alicángaro

Series composed of seven pairs: each pair consists of a graphite pencil drawing on paper of 13 cm x 21 cm and an object made of different materials and of variable dimensions.

« Again and again, the duo investigates the phenomenon of something—the Alicangaro—that doesn’t exist. Their search for the enigmatic creature manifests in an absurd set of objects and instructions. Like a dead-end, the obscure puzzles are lacking a solution. The artist’s material choice suggests the only possible clue. Making their artworks predominantly with graphite, they sculpt, draw and invent a dense aesthetic experience. The resulting works commemorate brittleness and relentless mark making. In another series of graphite drawings, they examine trash cans and further reflects on visibility and non-existence. »

Tenzing Barshee, Curator of the Brussels Generation Show 2019.

Exhibition view. Rendez-Vous avec A.

Felix Frachon Gallery. Brussels.


©Sylvère Cypriani