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Displacement 7
Graphite pencil on paper
diptych, 103cm x 61cm each drawing

Displacement Series
In this series some trash cans are represented without their surroundings. Subsequently the containers are displaced, and keeping their silhouette, the space behind is drawn and shown next to the image of the trash can. The image of the container and the image of the space it conceals are separated by an empty white space. The selection of the information represented undergoes an operation of subtraction or addition, generating a tension between what is seen. This means that the viewer speculates on the possible associations between the images, thanks to the empty space that arises due to the subtraction. : what is the container and what is the content? What is the inside and what is the outside?

Exhibition view. Rendez-Vous avec A.

Felix Frachon Gallery. Brussels.


©Sylvère Cypriani

Displacement 5
Graphite pencil on paper
diptych, 61cm x 103cm each drawing