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fireclay bricks, fireclay sand, clock mechanism, modified clock hand
17cm high x 47cm long x 47cm wide

A solid block of stone seems to find a meditative situation by presenting in one of its faces  a changing and fluid condition. The same material that builds the block decomposes into small particles of sand indicating a changing condition. It refers then to the fascinating capacity of time to transform things. This small kind of  ¨Zen garden¨ seems to understand that the block, like everything else we know, will dissolve at some point. The clock, removed from its practical function, is placed at the heart of the block, which in turn builds nothing but a moment.

Meditation 3.jpg
Meditation 4.jpg

Meditation is part of the Out of Time Serie, which consists of different mechanical objects that function as instruments incapable of measuring, maintaining or indicating time in conventional units. It's about a sequence of thoughts about the present, that elusive moment between two eternities.


Flour,  clock mechanism, modified clock hand
25 cm Diameter

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